Top Reasons to Love Your Local Park

When was the last time you spent some of your free time during the weekend at a local park instead of a shopping centre, office or just at home? Some of us are too busy with study or work and we may have forgotten the last time that we visited our local park. Parks and open green space are essential to our physical and mental health, and Garston Park is the perfect location for a relaxing afternoon to unwind from the stresses of life. There are lots of reasons to love your local park, here are just few:

  1. Parks are a Great Home for Wildlife.

Parks are an important elements to keep our fragile ecosystem intact as the trees, grass and plants provides an essential natural habitat for birds, insects and other small animals. Thriving wildlife is one of the crucial factors that bring nature and greenery into urban areas for a healthier environment. Trees, flowers and grass to provide a natural environment for the local wildlife surrounding Garston Park.

  1. Parks Bring the Community Together

Parks are also a good place for people within the community to gather for tai-chi sessions, football games, picnics and much more. Garston Park is an excellent place to connect and bring people within the South Liverpool community together.

  1. Parks Keep us Active

Parks are always a great open green space for people to come for a walk, run or other exercises in the fresh air. Having an open green space like Garston Park in their community is a great way for locals to enjoy the benefits regular exercise offers.

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