The Friends are drawing attention to the problem of dog poo, not just in the park but on the roads approaching the park. We love seeing dog walkers in the park but lots of new lockdown dog owners don’t seem to have acquired the habit yet of picking up after their dogs.
Not only is dog poo messy and smelly, but it can be a health hazard as some can carry a larva which causes toxocara which can have devastating effects on the central nervous system and even blindness. These are extreme cases, but it’s nasty stuff. So, please help clean up our part of Garston and remove this health hazard.
We have been advised as from 17th May22 City Watch will be starting enforcement of dog fouling regulations so best get cleaning it up please otherwise you could be fined!
Well done to Ada and Naomi Hallett aged 8 and 11 for designing a poster for us! We are asking people to put the poster up in your windows if you dont mind please, if you havent got a printer please get in touch
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