Energise Yourself with Yoga in Garston Park

The start of summer means spending more time outdoors. For those looking to energise themselves with some outdoor exercise, yoga can be a great place to start. With its wide-open space, Garston Park in Liverpool is the perfect green space to practice yoga outdoors and enjoy the health, social and mental benefits it brings.

Practising yoga outside can be a refreshing experience. Imagine doing yoga underneath the trees of Garston Park, completing a sun salutation while opening your heart to the actual sun above. Nice, right? For those living in South Liverpool, Garston Park is right on your doorstep, and is easily accessible to those across Liverpool as it’s only a short walk from the Liverpool South Parkway station. This makes it an ideal location for anyone in Liverpool to enjoy practising yoga in the tranquil surroundings of Garston Park.

 Unsure about practising yoga in the park? The Friends of Garston Park have put some top tips together to help motivate the community!

Fresh Air:

Practising yoga in the fresh air is a whole new experience. The light breeze swirls all around you, and helps to keep you cool. All that fresh air clears your head and within moments of beginning your practice you enter a whole new state of mindfulness.

Human Interaction:

For those of us that practice yoga at home, we usually practice alone in our living rooms. Outdoor yoga is a great way to add some human interaction to your practice. Invite your friends, colleagues or neighbours in Garston to try out yoga in the park with you. If you practice in a public place like Garston Park, being surrounded by everyone in the beautiful Liverpool green space is enough to boost your own levels of happiness.

Wide-Open Space:

You probably don’t realise how cramped you feel while practising yoga inside. Set up your mat on the wide-open green space of Garston Park to help get your energy flowing. If you’re used to practising in a crowded classroom, you’ll feel more relaxed than ever being able to stretch out without having to worry about anyone around you. So much more room to move!

More Nature, Less Noise:

Begin your outdoor practice with meditation. Listen to your breath, tune out your thoughts and the crowd of voices, and soak in the beautiful, natural sounds. Listen to the wind, the birds, the trees. Take in deep, refreshing breaths of clean, crisp air. Feel the cool gentle wind on your face. Yes, all available in your local green space in Garston!


Have you practised yoga in Garston Park? Would you be interested in setting up a group? Share your thoughts with us via the Get in Touch section!

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