The Importance of your Local Park

Many of us spend our time at our local park whether it’s for a run, a walk with the dog, or simply spending time unwinding with friends and family. It’s something that may have become part of our regular routine without even realising it. Parks are undoubtedly one of the benefits of a great neighbourhood and in Liverpool we are lucky to have a lot of lovely parks and green spaces. In Garston we have access to our local park which provides a haven of relaxation in the area. But does everyone in the community realise how important they are?

Green space in urban areas is very important to the neighbourhood as trees and plants can effectively reduce air pollutant levels and reduce the summer temperatures. Garston Park is surrounded by trees and other plants that help to reduce the air pollution in South Liverpool.

Direct exposure to nature can effectively reduce stress and increase happiness of an individual. Therefore, after a long day of work and study, going for a walk or run in Garston Park can effectively reduce stress and helps in maintaining physical health. Parks are a place that can be used to bring people together, a place to meet, have a picnic and relax in. They are a place for children to play away from the dangers of the road, allowing them the freedom to run around and explore. Parks are also a fantastic place to get some exercise, whether it’s walking with your dog, using the fitness equipment or going for a run.

Local parks are a vital part of the commuity and the Friends of Garston Park are always looking for more volunteers to help us to maintain and improve the space that we have for the community. This could be through joining the gardening volunteers, joining in on community litter picks or simply sharing what we are doing on social media, every bit of support helps! If you would like to find out how to make a difference to your local park, get in touch today!



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