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Who we are

We are a local non-profit group based in Garston, Liverpool. We formed to help improve and maintain our local park. Throughout the year, we run various events and fundraisers to help raise money for the park. We do this for the community, and anyone within the local area and beyond, to make sure our park is the best it can be. We want to keep Garston Park as somewhere people are happy to visit, whether that’s a quick walk with the dog, or an afternoon playing sports on the field. Your help and interest is greatly appreciated, the group is for everyone who wants to be involved and play a part in making our community the best it can be. So, don’t be shy, drop us a message on our contact page. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and always welcome new members.

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Latest News/What We Do

Despite on/off lockdowns during “the pestilence” we achieved a great deal when we look back on the year just gone. We still managed various sessions of planting and maintenance, and litter picks continued successfully throughout the year.

Our social media followings continue to increase and we try hard to keep people informed of things that are happening, both by these means and by notices in the two noticeboards. Our ambition is to co-ordinate news about the park, but our “partners” don’t always keep us informed; we continue striving to achieve collaboration.

Public support continues to be strong. We maintained our monthly litter picks, with some very good turnouts, for which we are very grateful. There was some damage to trees in the newly installed avenue, but Mersey Forest installed tree guards and these actually enhance the appearance of the iconic avenue. We are still seeking to extend the avenue.

Mersey Forest are maintaining the other areas of tree planting which are part of their Northern Forest project and the Friends have also added to the tree cover. We have had working parties too for maintenance work – strimming round trees, removing some fallen branches and trimming low growth.

We have had to abandon, at least for now, the wildflower area we planted behind the sorts centre as it proved to need maintenance work that was beyond our resources. However, we did plant daffodils near that site, in the hope of brightening up that area of the park.

Following the vandalism on the large, round shrubbery bed near the outdoor pitches, we received funding from Awesome Liverpool and planted daffodils, which have greatly improved the site. The burnt shrubs are re-generating now and we hope to do more planting to improve it further.

Big efforts were put into re-furbishing our two noticeboards (one of which was originally purchased by the Friends ), and the planters which are with them. We hope they provide a welcome to the park.

The Friends maintain those planters and also others elsewhere in the ward – on Long Lane and by the shops on Garston Old Road/Darby Road. Other maintenance efforts are going into the wooden toddlers’ play area by Whitehedge Road. Tidying, repairs and re-placement are ongoing.

We also managed to hold our yearly perennial plants sale of plants supplied by members. This is always a vital boost to our funds.

Finally, one of our committee members undertook First Aid training courtesy of Speke Training and Education. We aim to continue to extend the number of qualified first aiders so that the load is spread across volunteers.

Anyone who has enthusiasm or expertise in matters relevant to the park is most welcome to get involved. We are very grateful to those who already are. Thanks also go to City Council parks and Street Scene staff, to LSSL staff, to ward councillors , to Mersey Forest staff, to supporters at Long Lane church and to the manager of Lifestyles who allows us to hold committee meetings on her premises.

The greatest gratitude is owed to the committee members who put their time and efforts into preserving, promoting and improving our lovely park.

Next Events

Next litter picking is the 3rd July please meet at the swing park car park at 11.00 am, please remember to bring your own gloves.


From 12th to 26th June, the Friends are drawing attention to the problem of dog poo, not just in the park but on the roads approaching the park. We love seeing dog walkers in the park but lots of new lockdown dog owners don’t seem to have acquired the habit yet of picking up after their dogs.
Not only is dog poo messy and smelly, but it can be a health hazard as some can carry a larva which causes toxocara which can have devastating effects on the central nervous system and even blindness. These are extreme cases, but it’s nasty stuff. So, please help clean up our part of Garston and remove this health hazard.
We have been advised as from 17th May22 City Watch will be starting enforcement of dog fouling regulations so best get cleaning it up please otherwise you could be fined!
Well done to Ada and Naomi Hallett aged 8 and 11 for designing a poster for us! We are asking people to display their poster in your windows if you can please, if you havent got a printer please get in touch.