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Who we are

We are a local non-profit group based in Garston, Liverpool. We formed to help improve and maintain our local park. Throughout the year, we run various events and fundraisers to help raise money for the park. We do this for the community, and anyone within the local area and beyond, to make sure our park is the best it can be. We want to keep Garston Park as somewhere people are happy to visit, whether that’s a quick walk with the dog, or an afternoon playing sports on the field. Your help and interest is greatly appreciated, the group is for everyone who wants to be involved and play a part in making our community the best it can be. So, don’t be shy, drop us a message on our contact page. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and always welcome new members.

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What we do

Our main aim is clear, we want to make our local park the best it can be. The Friends work hard to promote, maintain and improve the park but there are only a few of us, please do join us. We have held plant sales, carried out tree planting and tree maintenance, planted wild flowers and introduced bog plants in the wet areas; we’ve organized community litter picks and taken part in Garston Park Fun Day. If you have any suggestions for improvements for the park or ideas for events, do contact us. Just now, we are working on a management plan for the park so that we can tackle regular jobs systematically. Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd of course do the heavy work, but with funding very tight, we take on a lot of the refinements we want to see. The big dream is to restore the avenue of trees which used to go through the centre of the park.  We would love to continue making these positive changes to our park, but we can’t do it all alone, we need your help too!

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Many of you by now will have noticed the new children’s wooden play area so far it has been a great hit with the children, with the help of Tesco’s bag for life and other funding through the councillors we managed to raise enough money for this to go ahead. We are asking people to keep their eyes on it as we don’t want it be vandalised, it appears some youths have tried to lift up one of the pieces of equipment so we have had to rearrange for it be re cemented in. We would also like to say thank you very much for everyone who voted for us in the Tesco bag for life without we couldn’t have managed it!

If you have any trees or plants you would like to donate, please get in touch. We ask you not to just put them in yourself as it may not be appropriate to the overall plan but we will gratefully find a place for them. Please also do not remove trees you don’t like, again let us know. You may have noticed some new trees planted they have been kindly donated by a member of the Garston Community group so we would appreciate if people kept on eye on them until they are fully established thanking you 🙂

Did you know that volunteers from the Friends group also maintain the planters around the ward – there are barrels on Garston Old Road in two places, and long planters at two crossings of the central reservation on Long Lane. There were also two barrels on St Mary’s Road until someone stole them! We also maintain the flower boxes underneath the notice boards at each main entrance to the park.

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Next litter pick is Sunday 1st March meet at the swing park car park at 11.00am please. Lets hope the weather will be kind to us as it has been awful lately and please remember to wear sensible clothing and footwear!  




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